Vision Screening for Computer users

This  vision screening programme ensures that your employees' eyesight are assessed and complies with HSA guidelines and legislative requirements.

A simple cost effective way to ensure you comply with current legislation and improve your employees health.

The single most common health problem reported by people working at visual display units (VDUs) is "eyestrain". Symptoms typically reported include blurred vision or difficulty focusing, double vision, burning, sore or itchy eyes and tiredness.

Are you compliant with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Regulations relating to VDU Workers and Display Screen Equipment?

Under the Health & Safety Legislation, employees who work with visual display equipment (computers) for continuous periods of one hour or more are entitled to have their vision examined.

Would you like a simple and cost-effective solution for implementing the Regulations as part of your Health & Safety programme?

If the answer is "Yes!" then Excel Safety Services Ireland can help you to fulfill your Health and Safety duties by providing you with an on-site vision screening programme using the Keystone Vision Screen equipment to identify individuals who may require a full eyesight test.

The Vision Screening

Screening consists of 3 stages.

  •     Questionnaire
  •     Vision Tests
  •     Results and Recommendations

The system meets the requirements for screening of visual display screen users in a simple, appropriate and cost effective way.

This programme provides an accurate assessment of visual performance while viewing a display screen and thus helps to identify when corrective action should be taken for employees using display screen equipment who are most likely to benefit from a full eye examination.

The programme provides detailed advice and recommendations based on the results of standardized vision tests.

This is a simple and cost-effective solution for implementing part of your overall Health & Safety programme.

Display Screen Regulations

The Regulations relating to VDU Workers and Display Screen Equipment states that:
An employer must ensure that an eyesight test is made available to all employees:
1. Before commencing Display Screen work
2. At regular intervals thereafter
3.  If an employee experiences visual difficulties which may be due to Display Screen work.

Benefits for the Employer

  • Cost effective as reduces the number of VDU users seeking a full eye examination
  • Time effective as VDU users spend less time away from the desk
  • Maintain control over DSE eye examinations
  • Quick and easy to use: take approximately 10-15  mins to complete
  • Promotes morale among staff
  • Provides detailed records of staff welfare
  • Promotes a commitment to staff welfare
  • Helps the employer to become proactive in sight health-care
  • Can regularly test all display screen users for a relatively small cost
  • Confirm that any new prescriptions improve performance and/or comfort
  • Support supplied by Excel Safety Services Ireland to answer any questions about vision screening and related ergonomic issues.

The system meets the requirements for screening of video display screen users in a simple, appropriate and cost effective way.

Benefits for your Employees

  • Tests conducted in a natural environment and can be performed at the VDU user’s workstation
  • Provides information about other health problems which may result from VDU use
  • Provides each employee with their own personal copy of results and recommendations. This enables the employee to understand many of the problems associated with display screen work
  • Tests are sensitive to small vision defects
  • Also can screen visual fields, colour vision and stereopsis
  • It can confirm that any glasses used either improve performance and/or comfort
  • Users feel that their eyes have been “well tested”
  • Raises issues that affect performance which may not have been previously identified
  • Empowerment of the user by providing detailed recommendations to them that reinforce the Health and Safety policy
  • Perception by the employees that the employer is providing an additional staff benefit.

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For your information:

Guide to the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work, (General Application) Regulations 2007 Chapter 5 of Part 2: Display Screen Equipment

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