VDU Ergonomic Assessments

Professional individual assessments for all employees who work with computers

The VDU ergonomic assessments comply with HSA guidelines and legislative requirements on office safety in Ireland. It is a legal responsibility for all employers to provide  individual office VDU Ergonomic Assessments for each employee who works with computers. Employee health and safety in the working environment is of prime importance to any business.

Excel Safety Service's Assessments are designed to meet the requirements of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2007 that are relevant to Visual Display Units (VDUs) in the workplace.

Our specific risk assessments ensure that all employees who use computers work in a safe and healthy business environment.

Under Health, Safety and Welfare legislation, all employers are required to undertake individual risk assessments on all VDU workstations. We assess the work environment and the possible risk of injury to employees and minimize these risks to the lowest practicable level or eliminate them altogether. Employers must particular attention to eyesight, physical difficulties and mental stress and put in the precautions control any risks identified.

Individual VDU Ergonomic Assessment of the office workstation

Excel Safety Services provides an individual VDU Ergonomic Assessment service to all employers which is in line with current legislation and is recognised by the HSA. This process involves an Excel Safety Services consultant visiting an employers premises to carry out the VDU risk assessment. Each workstation is individually assessed to take into account the ergonomic hazards and also includes and specialized lighting test.

A full report is then written for the employer recommending the necessary changes that need to be made to bring the employer in line with current legislation and VDU regulations.

Assessment Objectives

Excel Safety Services VDU Assessment Programme is designed to meet the requirements of the Safety Health and Welfare (General Applications) Regulations, that apply to VDU Assessment in the workplace. The legislation covering VDU workstations in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2007 will also be covered throughout the assessment.

The following is a list of what will be covered in the assessment programme

  • Legal requirements of VDU workplaces
  • The ergonomic factors of a workstation
  • The hazards and risks surrounding a workstation
  • What a workstation risk assessment involves
  • General hazards that are commonplace in the office
  •  Postural and manual handling techniques which lower the risk of accident or injury

An Excel Safety Service's VDU assessment allows the active participation of employees and helps them to understand the basics of VDU assessments. We also provide our clients with a checklist which helps them monitor and assess the workstation on a day to day basis.

The Assessors at Excel Safety Services provide individual workstation and VDU (Visual Display Unit) assessments and advice on ergonomics. The assessment is carried in your work environment and each work station is individually assessed. The assessment will establish whether adjustments need to be made for the users at the workstation as well as further advice.

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