Conflict Resolution Management

Managing Workplace Conflict
Collaboration and/or compromise are the most productive ways of dealing with any dispute.
No one loses and everyone wins.

We offer practical and effective conflict resolution management expertise.
We would be delighted to meet with you to discuss how we can best assist you in developing a conflict management solution for your organisation

Conflict resolution management is the only option and the sooner it is put in place the better!

Workplace conflicts can result in increased client complaints, sabotage,increased injury and accidents, rising disability claims, grievances and litigation, employee turnover; and low morale.

For individuals, the results are equally damaging. The sooner a conflict resolution management process is put in place the better

 'Live the life YOU truly deserve'

What can Conflict Resolution Management do for you

We’ve all met them at some point in our working lives: the gossip, the complainer, the know-it-all, the bully, the kiss-up,the procrastinator, the control freak, the game player — the list goes on.

They’re the people who waste our time, cause us stress, and often draw us into unwanted conflict and drama.

An array of talents and personalities are needed if a business intends to remain innovative and competitive. Conflicts can be costly for employees and employers. Work time is wasted defending, avoiding, and venting to others.

Employees who feel mistreated and disrespected often withhold ideas and refuse to share information, skills, andknowledge, which further damages organizations.

Sources of conflict include:

• Poor communication.

Different communication styles canlead to misunderstandings.

• Different values.

Each of us sees the world differently.Conflict occurs when there is a lack of acceptance about these differences.

• Differing interests.

Conflict happens when individuals ‘fight’ to attain their personal goals, putting them beforeorganizational goals and disregarding the feelings of others.

• Personality clashes.

We’re not all going to like each other, but we all do need to find ways to work effectively together. Every workplace has a variety of personalities that can sometimes clash.  Managing workplace conflict effectively requires a cool head and keeping an eye on the real goals — saving time, energy,and reducing stress.

Totally confidential
There's no Judgment or fixed agenda, an agreed Goal is set for each Session

So what is Conflict Resolution Management?

It works with YOU or your employees to help you move forward and set personal and professional goals that enables you live the life YOU really want. The focus is on the present, where we are going, evokes answers and it maximizes your strengths and potential. 

It is a way of maximising performance and producing excellent results through a relationship that is both supportive and challenging. Your SUCCESS is the  goal of the session.

How will it help YOU in your work, business or personal life.....???

It helps YOU move forward and set personal and professional goals that will give you the life you really want. It focuses on the present, where you are at, and the future - where you are going.

You find your own way to achieve your goal by steps which are, written down,  prioritised and set to  a realistic timescale during the session. It is about empowering and motivating, and allowing you find solutions to achieve your particular  goal.

Following a  session YOU will be  more effective and focussed. YOU will have  clear and defined goals and will know  exactly what you want and what areas of your life you need to work on. 

YOU create momentum so that results come more quickly, and build on each other.

YOU stop putting up with those things which waste your time an energy, either physically and emotionally.

YOU take more effective and focused actions immediately!

We can look at  each area of your life: your relationships, home environment, health, friends and family,  fun and recreation, romance/significant other, career and money.

Or we can focus on whatever goal YOU have in mind - we will work with YOU to achieve it  

All our coaches are fully qualified and have a vast amount of experience of coaching and mentoring  AND it is totally confidential

The session takes approximately an hour of your time and is an investment in your future

The National Anti-bullying Advocacy Group

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