Childcare Manual Handling Course

Childcare Manual Handling training courses can also be delivered at your premises at any time.

This Childcare Manual Handling course is designed specifically for those working in professional childcare. It focuses on the importance of back care and the implications of ignoring the guidance.

This course will give participants the knowledge to prevent back and other injuries at work.

Childcare professionals are at a much higher risk than the average person when it comes to suffering from back injuries/pain in the work place due to the types of loads involved.

Throughout the day most people carry out many movements, lifting, lowering, pulling, carrying or moving objects and children, this can result in strain on the back due to poor habits carried out over many months or years.

People unfortunately don’t think about their back until they are in pain, by then the damage is done.

The aim of this course is to give people working with children the knowledge and understanding of not  how to lift correctly and how to look after their back.

Our instructor will give advice on health & safety in childcare, with an emphasis put on specific accident trends to help you manage your health and safety

More importantly we will advise people on when they should not to lift and simply ask for help instead.

The health and safety advice of our course will also be specific to childcare.

 Course Content

Learners who attend this programme will:

  • Understand the structure of the back and the way in which it can become injured
  • Understand the principles of safe moving and handling
  • Understand how to comply with current legal requirements in the workplace in relation to safe moving and handling children in a variety of childcare related setting

 Course Objectives

The training course will teach you how to:-

  • How to Lift and handle inanimate loads safely.
  • How to handle inanimate and animate loads safely
  • Movement in nappy changing
  • Working on the floor
  • Working at low levels
  • Bath/bed transfer

  • Lifting a child
  • Side to side transfer of child
  • Walking a child
  • Recognise a load which is too heavy or awkward
  • Understand the limitations of the spine and muscular system

Duration of the Childcare Manual Handling Course

3 hours

(Evening course can be arranged)


Full Excel Safety Services Ireland certification of attendance is provided on successful completion of the course. Certificates are valid for 3 years.

Maximum Number of Participants: 12

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